June 2016
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From Gill ..

Do you have a spare room in your house?
If so, what do you use it for?

Maybe it is the room where the door is firmly closed to all the clutter you really intend to sort out one day. Maybe it is your office space where you keep your computer, your files and household documents, or perhaps it is your 'hobby room' where you paint or sew or construct models, or maybe it houses the spare bed for visitors. (I appreciate that some who read this may have had to give up their spare room and downsize following government policies)

We have a spare room at St. Mary's at the foot of our Bell Tower and at the moment it functions as the place where we keep all the equipment that we use every year at our church fete. (It is like the church's garage) But we need to rethink its purpose and perhaps think 'outside the box'. For the last few years we have been busily fund raising to restore the exterior stonework and we will soon need to apply for some substantial grants to help us to get this work done. (We need £300,000.) Grant agencies are looking for evidence that historic buildings are linked to the communites where they are situated.

Our church is used for many functions; talks, concerts, art classes, social events and weekly teas but this is not true of our tower. We have had some suggestions from our architect and other bodies and these are some of them - a room for young people to meet, a room to hire out to small groups or a visitor's centre displaying the history of this village since medieval times. We would like to hear your ideas.

We would need to provide disabled access, probably by raising the floor and insulating some of the draughty corners but we would really welcome some feed-back on this from the wider community. It is a beautiful tower, a Grade 1 listed building and a major feature of our village so we need to be creative about what we can use it for for the future.

Please send your ideas to our website: www.stmarysmarston.co.uk or facebook page or drop them in at church!

Many thanks.



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