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Visit to St John's College, Cambridge : 31 May 2014

The Patron of St. Mary's Church is St. John's College, Cambridge and every year they invite us as a Parish
to a tour of the college with afternoon tea included.

On Sat 31st May, 27 of us went by coach to Cambridge for the day trip.

We spent some of our time in the city centre and then at 4pm we met at the college for afternoon tea
where we were welcomed by the college chaplain and left in the capable hands of two of the students.

We were taken around the college grounds (which are extensive) and given some of the history of
these beautiful buildings. We walked over the 'bridge of sighs' and saw the punts sailing below us.

When the tour was completed we gathered in the college chapel for Evensong where the choir consisted
of young choir boys and 'gentlemen.' The chapel was packed with visitors and tourists and the singing
was nothing short of heavenly!

We all enjoyed ourselves and felt it was a real privilege to be guests of the college for the day.

Do let Rev. Gill know if you'd like to join us next time.

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